Kobudo Koshu-style Jujutsu

【About the style】

The style of antique martial arts derived from the Samurai “Tsuneyasu Haibarakaganokami” in Sengoku-Era who is the ancestor of this Master. He served Nobunaga Oda as the master of the martial arts. Mainly, the technique of spears, Japanese swords, batting and throwing were inherited to be practicable in a battle. You can learn these techniques in Tokyo-Shinjuku today.


【About the Master】

I’m Yukiji Haibara, from Yamanashi, Kofu-city. I grew up in Iwaki-city, Fukushima in my childhood. I began to learn this martial style then as well as other kinds; Karate, Iaido and so on. I have taught “Kobudo” (ancient style) in Tokyo for 7 years. Today, I am surrounded by enthusiastic students, in various age and both male and female.


【The feature of the style】

There are techniques to gain control over an enemy who attacks with a knife. And you can learn how to use weapons; for example, the replica of Japanese-sword. By learning the original spirit of Samurai, unlike other sports, and ways to control one’s body without relying on muscles will make not only men but also women strong. Training both body and spirit is emphasized in this style. When either of them lacks, it cannot be complete. Both practical and spiritual exercises will be executed.


【To master the spirit of the Bushi-do (the road of Samurai)】

In Japan, there is an idea that there is spirit in language, called “Kotodama”. When you say dirty words, it is said that your soul is distained. However, you can use beautiful words too. And you can ennoble your spiritual with behaving in a right way. This is the “Bushido-spirit”. You can acquire Samurai’s courtesy.


【Dear foreigners living in Japan】

Regardless of the age and sex, anyone who wants to learn Japanese traditional “Kobudo” may join my class. Anybody who is able to understand a little bit Japanese may learn. It is not a problem, even if you cannot understand perfectly. Anybody interested in Japanese culture and Bushi-do, please contact me! You can also observe the lesson.


●Place:Noah Studio-Shinjuku, 3F Shinjukuplaza

         1-3-14, Nishishinjuku, Shinukuku, Tokyo, 160-0023, Japan

●Classes:Sunday 12:30-14:30

●Entrance Fee: 5,000 yen

●Monthly Fee:Male 8,000 yen  Female 5,000 yen


Contact:Koshu-style Jujutsu Master, Yukiji Haibara  info@kousyuryu.com

※Please write in Japanese, if possible. If not, with easy English.


【Mr.Steve TURNER review.】


Senior Constable 30992

Valley Support Team

District Firearms Training Officer (DFTO)

Rifle Instructor

Police Operational Skills and Tactics (POST) Instructor

Taser (CEW) Instructor

Active Armed Offender (AAO) Instructor

Tactical First Aid (TFA) Instructor

 【Mr.Steve TURNER review.】



I am a serving police officer with a background that includes corrections and private security stretching over 18 years. Of that time, I have probably spent around 9 years conducting and designing in house training for both specialist corrective services teams (CERT) and a state police service in every aspect of operational skills, from firearms to Tasers to physical restraint.

I am very passionate about officer safety and try to attend at least one or two seminars from the private sector every year to pick up new concepts and learn new skills. During a trip to Tokyo in May 2018, I attended a class in Koshu-Ryu Jujutsu with Soke Yukiji Haibara.

I arrived at Soke’s dojo about 10 minutes early, and found that he was already training with his students. The venue was very easy to find and near to Shinjuku station. 

Soke opened the training with some discussion of stances. He discussed the meaning of his style’s stance and how it related to the wearing of yoroi (Japanese armor). I personally found this both interesting and relevant to modern police work, as our ballistic vest, duty belt, and accoutrements are limiting to our movement in a similar way. 

Soke then moved on to taisabaki or body movement. He discussed the value of being on the outside whenever possible in order to set up takedowns and protect against the off hand. 

A number of restraints were demonstrated, including some that I had never seen. They were highly effective without any pain compliance or risk of injury. 

One of the things I really enjoyed was the way that Koshu-Ryu has no forms practice-everything is based on sparring and pressure testing, including bokken (wooden sword) practice which was demonstrated to me. 

would highly recommend Koshu-Ryu to law enforcement or private security officers who are seeking to further their skills.  I will certainly be returning for more training.